Ending 2015

Thanx for all the good that went down in 2015, i love ya. I’ll fix this annual report properly when i have the nuts.
Fuck you to the liars and traitors, may your kin desert you asap.


On the evening when i fried an Ampeg…. opening for Masami Akita 4.11.2015 in Tampere. Thanks for comin out, ca.150 people at Klubi!

PD + Merzbow 2015

After the Merzbow gig


Kiitos kaikille! Thanks for coming to this, it was cool! There was a Trepaneringsritualen gig at Rekisteri on the same nite, but after breakdown / cleanup it was already late enough to just go eatin with Ilia + Lauri. Till next!!



New batch of Kontakt Miks ready to ship!!


BLACK BIKINI CD out on Musik Atlach / Japan. Arigato!!!
It’s my collab with Jonna the Kuupuu, and it’s some kinda underwater junkyard interplay.