Ending 2015

Thanx for all the good that went down in 2015, i love ya. I’ll fix this annual report properly when i have the nuts.
Fuck you to the liars and traitors, may your kin desert you asap.


On the evening when i fried an Ampeg…. opening for Masami Akita 4.11.2015 in Tampere. Thanks for comin out, ca.150 people at Klubi!

PD + Merzbow 2015

After the Merzbow gig


Kiitos kaikille! Thanks for coming to this, it was cool! There was a Trepaneringsritualen gig at Rekisteri on the same nite, but after breakdown / cleanup it was already late enough to just go eatin with Ilia + Lauri. Till next!!



New batch of Kontakt Miks ready to ship!!


BLACK BIKINI CD out on Musik Atlach / Japan. Arigato!!!
It’s my collab with Jonna the Kuupuu, and it’s some kinda underwater junkyard interplay.

2015 2/3 REPORT

It’s already October, time to look back at what has happened:

Throughout the months we played many shows with Cosmo Jones Beat Machine.

TORAKKAS played with YES DEER (no/dk) at Rekisteri, and we started to rake up all signs of life for further documentation and a release. Torakkas is some kinda fucked up action impro noise from Taneli Viitahuhta on sax and myself on the usual junks.

I played with pro dancers!! Kiitos Heidi!!  Hope there’s more sooner than later. And good times with Leyya Mona Tawil

Finally my collab with Kuupuu materialized:  BLACK BIKINI CD out on Music Atlach / Japan. We started recording 2 years ago, huh.

ROMUTUS on spacebook. Gotta love this grindcore band, gimme mögä!

Workin with Will Over Matter brought xlent results — Frame Rust album out now!

Frame Rust CD 2015

An ambient tape out on Kaukana Väijyy Ambient from Finland. Release celebration was on 8.5.2015, kiitos!!
Refrigerator Heaven is C-40 chrome tape containing the last freezer recordings (as mutated on Opium Electronix, but here more “au naturelle”), rough street recordings from Mexico, and spectral combings thereof that  create hypnodrones  to erase all sense of time and place.


A tape out on Black Psychosis label from London. There is an art edition of this in mutant boxes with miniprints included.  All boxes singular and handmade from electronic junk. Pretty unsane!
The sound is from a very intense session with a setup that kinda played itself after setting up different delay lines, filters, and frequency shifters for different sources, then recorded to tape.

Umpio - Spiritual Cancer

Then the last volume of hypnodrone mashups:
Opium Electronix vol.IV -CDR // Zhelezobeton Records Russia
Damaged meditation musik.

And one of the biggest milestones: in June I toured through western Russia!

Tour was organised by Dmitry Vasilyev — Spasibo  Monochrome Vision Records

10 June – St. Petersburg / GES / Umpio + Whistler aka Skripp

With Fetisch Park + Instict Primal / Film by Jan Kruml:
11 June – Moscow / DOM Tsentr / Noise & Fury Fest
12 June – Yaroslavl / Teplo
14 June – Rostov / Noiseroom / +Symphocat +Igor Vaganov
15 June – Novorossiysk / Art School / + Geni Zaba
17 June – Sevastopol / Hrustal / + Jake Bell

Special Thanks to:











Bootleg vidio from Moscow 11.June 2015 / DOM Centre / Noise & Fury Festival.
Dedicated to Ornette Coleman

Noise & Fury 2015


Fuck the police

2015 1/4 REPORT

2015 starts with a piece of MoHa! and some tape machine worship.


Portable case optional!

OK then here comes bootleg video of TORAKKAS / 7.1.15 Oranssi
Pentti Dassum ~ junkyard electronics, pots & pans
Taneli Viitahuhta ~ rigged sax gear
Category ~ music

Also we been playin Cosmo Jones Beat Machine shows almost every weekend all over Finland.

More comin up!


HÄKKI annual report 2014 online!

ROMUTUS 7″ out now! Umpio vs Noituus = 17 tracks in 12 minutes.
Harsh junk abuse grindcore bulldozer music.

Very honored to be part of Monochrome Vision‘s massive 3xCD anthology!! Keep ’em coming Dmitry!!

Monochrome Vision Comp

TDK– Senseless Bells — C-40 tape — Tolonen vs KVSU vs Dassum collaboration out on Kaukana Väijyy Ambient label — Switzerland vs Finland elektroautistix works




Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset plays sacred temple music. 3 drone sessions from the late hours recording our albums, mixed and arranged into one album of levitation sounds. Out now on Nekorekords


NUNNAUUNI // SSRI — split tape on Untergeschoss!




26.8. Helsinki / Duet with Linda Fredriksson at:

Charm of the Scenes event on 26.8. at KoeHelsinki tent in Juhlaviikot. Thanks for everybody for your participation! As you may know, the idea of the event is that the performers are teamed up as pairs, so we will have three duos performing one after another. Our choice for the pairs is this:

Linda Fredriksson (saxophone) + Pentti Dassum (electronics)
Heta Bilaletdin (guitar) + Mikko Kolehmainen (electronics)
Ilia Belorukov (saxophone) + Chi-Hsia Lai (electronics)


10.7. Tampere / Telakka / Häiriöjatsit / UMPISIPPOLA set

26.7. Turku / Kutomo / Feces IV / +Pink Twins +8 1/2 +Sentrifugi

Feces IV
See more info at Golden Momentum tumblr!


Thanks for Kaunas!!
Everyone at Creature Live Art made it very easy for me + very rewarding recordings were made!

Thanks for London!
Amazing performances, cool meeting people behind the names + hailz to GUAPO!!




Taklamakan vs Umpio : Interaxion Venenosa -LP


Finally out on A Dear Girl Called Wendy from Italia, 100 made! Another project which took a few winters of sending back and forth… Taklamakan from Croatia used my electronic textures as a backdrop for acoustic junk abuse and vice versa. Asphixiation and collapse!


Umpio — Opium Electronix vol.I-III -2xC-90 Tape


Reissued on Freak Animal, these were kinda hard to find and/or lost in time. These are throbbing movements through electronic storms, at times so slow and seismic that the listener needs some time to let the pulses start to work properly on a psychoacoustic level. Opium is also an anagram of Umpio, which brings out the meditative/sedated aspects of these pieces, aimed at erasing all sense of time and presence. From noisy to empty, here are the first 3 volumes compiled on chrome tapes: Vol.I has been augmented with 2 new pieces from the same source material, vol.II has been slightly shortened to fit on tape, and vol.III is unaltered.

Umpio + Irr.App.(Ext.) — Observation Affects The Outcome -CD

Umpio vs Irr.App.(Ext)

Finally out after 2-3 winters of sending sounds back and forth I am super humbled to have finished this nightmare soundtrack with Matt Waldron and Monochrome Vision, one of my favorite labels. This is a huge honor for me.

Here’s what the label info has to say about it (the release date is wrong, it came out in jan2014) ——————————>

First ever collaboration between these finnich and american soundartists, collaborating by mail, incorporates both of their styles, interwined with some kind of disorienting and intricated attitude. Electroacoustic treatments applied to harsch noise and atonal ambient parts, producing a tapestry of disturbing and psychedelic soundscapes.

Release date is 28th January 2013. Limited edition of 500 copies in jewelcase.

Price is 13US$/10€.
To order directly from us, please write to hq(at)monochromevision.ru.


+++ Compilation participances in UK, Russia, Finland +++ Live gigs in UK, Lithuania, Finland, duets with with Taneli Viitahuhta (sax, TORAKKAS), Jaakko Vanhala (HÄKKI), Sami Sippola (sax, UMPISIPPOLA), Linda Fredriksson (sax), Topias Tiheäsalo (gitar), sharing the stage with Patric Thorman (bass), Simo Laihonen (drums), Ville Rauhala (bass), sharing venues with ElPaLaitos, Yleislakko, Pink Twins, 8 1/2, Sentrifugi, Stolen Kidneys, Orchach (LT), Skeldos (LT), Gas Chamber (USA), Verde, Unclean, Bizarre Uproar, Am Not (UK), and many more that i forget now +++ Cosmo Jones Beat Machine gigs + Faarao gigs +++ Some klonkstruments were built…


Hailz to Lazyfish!

OK… over+out +backsoon……. PD