May 2023

Elektronimusiikkikonsertti comin up!

Also: people been askin for kontakt miks… sorry, i dont have anything ready at the moment but will have more soon. Stay tuned!


Umpio: Brain Pain CD (Freak Animal Records)

A fresh chunk of mortar in the never ending beaver’s dam of junk elektronix noizu. Just stick your tongue on the soldering iron of the big piezo in the sky and watch your face being ripped off by these frequencies of hi-speed impact. Only the best cassettes were cannibalized for this 2 meter long joint. Full color digipak.

Umpio: Sin Memoria CD (Absurd Exposition Records)

Forgot to put on the helmet for the drainpipe slide? Breathe in deep as the smoke, chunks of shrapnel and microplastics fly high while the celestial dremel drills through the gorilla skull of the great offender. Rugburn on the listener’s skin are just some of the side effects of this full spectrum junk elektronix noizu catastrophe.

Available from me, or the usual suspects

Let’s never forget the day I played live with King Kurikka in Helsinki, summer 2021.

Kalevi Helvetti Big Band

Kalevi Helvetti Big Band on stage, 21 Aug 2021. Foto by Pekka Elomaa.

Still relevant:

Curtis Roads / Todd Barton –CD

Curtis Roads / Todd Barton reissue!

Due to ongoing demand:
Expanded reissue of this cassette release from 2016. All the original material, of course, but also an exclusive Todd Barton remix/re-work of Roads’s source material.

The original cassette-only release featured a noisy and pontillistic version of a new piece by professor Roads, a spiraling train crash bordering on harsh noise… and Krell music by Barton: outerworldly space contemplations, with a touch of a distant future from a parallel past.

Todd Barton is a tireless Buchla educator and synthesis explorer from Oregon.
Curtis Roads is a pioneer of granular synthesis and algorithmic composition from California.

Both are legendary figures of electronic music and I’m super proud to present this release to the world.


Let’s never forget Pete Hissa, a.k.a Pate Hirssi. The most badass drummer i ever played with.
See you on the other side.

There’s no scene like no scene!