Jan 2023

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Not suited for your harsh noise bashing/avalanching needs!
(Or.. why not, but these are more vulnerable)
Double clip-on kontakt miks. These are meant for tabletop playing, recording and/or miking of small-ish resonant objects, or to find strange spots on your instrument (piano, harp, violin, drums, fences, washing machines, whathaveyou…) …the cable is as lightweight as was reasonable to use, to avoid a heavy pull on the piezo. Different size miks for different sounds.
ACHTUNG! These are connected to one mono plug, that means two sound sources into one channel! I repeat: Mono, not stereo.
Treat it right and you’ll have it forever.

2x piezo (50mm & 35mm) with alligator clips
2m cable into 1x angled guitar plug (6.3mm/Switchcraft)
35.-e + shipping

New kontakt miks comin up + updated soon!! (Jan 2023)

Umpio Insektio tape

At the moment I can deal these items, but slowly:

  • Umpio “Marisko” CD / 10e
  • Umpio “Kulotus” 2x CD / 15e <— last copies!
  • Umpio “Insektio” CD / 10e <— last copies!
  • Umpio “Insektio” Deluxe Tape (inc. dl code) / 8e <— last copies!
  • Curtis Roads / Todd Barton CD / 10e
  • Taklamakan vs. Umpio: “Interaxion Venenosa” CD / 10e
  • Uton + Yoshihiro Kikuchi: “Invisible Reflections” CD / 10e
  • Daina Dieva “Kas” CD / 10e
  • Romutus: 7″ re-press / 5e

Get in touch for shipping rates, wholesale, and/or combined items.