July 2021

Umpio Insektio tape

All activity (building kontakt mics, shop, discogs, playing live) slowed down to semi-zero levels due to other commitments until further notice.

Huge thanks to all friends who buy something via Bandcamp or directly.
Your support is my fuel.

At the moment I can deal these items, but slowly:

  • Umpio “Kulotus” 2x CD / 15e
  • Umpio “Insektio” CD / 10e
  • Umpio “Insektio” art print tape edition (inc. dl code) / 8e
  • Kartio “Sähkömusiikki” 2xTape /15e
  • Kolari IV CD / 10e –> KSNK // MOOZZHEAD // MOGAO // TYHJÄ PÄÄ
  • Häkki / Mongrel Tactics -Split Tape / 7e
  • Curtis Roads / Todd Barton CD / 10e
  • Taklamakan vs. Umpio: “Interaxion Venenosa” CD / 10e
  • Uton + Yoshihiro Kikuchi: “Invisible Reflections” CD / 10e
  • Daina Dieva “Kas” CD / 10e
  • Romutus: 7″ re-press / 5e

Get in touch for shipping rates, wholesale, and/or combined items.