June 2018:

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Right now no kontaktmiks available, but i leave the info here, can be made on demand…

Shipping is NOT included. So drop me a line for details and questions.



CD + postcards

10.-e inc shipping worldwide

Daina Dieva is a dark ambient royalty from Vilna, Lithuania. This is her 3rd album of deep & spooky ritual music. Slim covers + postcards, available now. Here’s a preview

Barton + Roads tape TODD BARTON // CURTIS ROADS

Split C-40 tape


Prof. Curtis Roads (CA, USA) has influenced tons of people with his explorations in granular synthesis in the 70’s, his books on computer sounds, and with his music, which has shaped, among others, the sound of Autechre. Here we have a very noisy version of a new composition called “Then”, specially driven in the red for this release. Pointillistic and harsh!!

Todd Barton (OR, USA) is a lecturer and flag-carrier for Buchla synths. Tirelessly exploring the possibilities of this infinitely configurable modular beast, we hear 2 long pieces in the spirit of Krell music, that is: linear compositions of outerworldly space contemplations, balancing between controlled chaos and clarity, with a touch of a distant future from a parallel past.

1:1 dubbed C-40 Chrome tapes, 150 made

Handmade from quality materials (as in “not recycled from ghetto cables and a smoke detector”), this is the classic model. Big piezo, 2m cable, Switchcraft 6.3mm “guitar plug” connector. CD for scale.
These are loud and low reaching, lotsa bass response, and under reasonable use might last you forever. Used by classical guitarists, hip hop & electronica sample triggerers, noise maniacs, free jazz experimentalists, etc… plug it in and let it ripp!!
Kontaktmik with klipKontaktmiks with klipp DOUBLE KONTAKTMIK WITH KLIP
Handmade from quality materials (as in “not recycled from ghetto cables and a smoke detector”), this is the  tabletop / recording model. 2 smaller piezos, 1m cable for each, hooked up to one mono 6.3mm Switchcraft jack. CD for scale.
You can clamp these to all kindsa objects and pick up unheard sounds. The cable is very lightweight to avoid pulling it down too much. These are mono because why not. For stereo one would need 2 wires, so this way there’s at least a little bit less cable spaghetti. Not really for the manic junk bashing session, but to explore and record.
Shakers and Klonkers SHAKERS AND KLONKERS 30.-e Shakers made of Nuuskaboxi / tobacco boxes filled with screws, glass, and other small objects. Big piezo inside, 2m cable, 6.3mm Switchcraft “guitar plug” connector. Widely used by noisicians when plugged into a distortion pedal, but also xlent for other music when plugged into a wah-wah or delay, or whathaveyou. Klonkers are piezos attached to all kinds of metal objects, circuit boards, or other random objects. These can take a decent scraping or punishment, but also the wierd shapes make it sometimes easier to attach them to whatever you need. Handmade from quality materials (as in “not recycled from ghetto cables and a smoke detector”). Prices and availability might vary, depending on the amount materials available and the effort used to make them. Ask first.

More items added in time.