August 2016

OUT NOW on Vibora Collective Records:
DAINA DIEVA: “Kas” CD / 10e inc shipping worldwide
Daina Dieva is a dark ambient royalty from Vilna, Lithuania. This is her 3rd album of deep & spooky ritual music. Slim covers + postcards, available now. Here’s a preview


Häkki set comin up in Oulu on 18.8. at Ääniä Muualta happening.

Häkki is Vanhala+myself doing tape music/elektroakustix noise in the spirit of John Cage and a swarm of insects. Debut tape out now on Kaukana Väijyy Ambient. This one was a long time coming.
And Simo Ulvi already posted fotos from the release concert on 27.5.2016 at Vastavirta / Tampere. Yet another Nature Morte happening! We played with Horse Latitudes and The Kolmas.
Tattista kaikille, se olikin henkeäsalpaava ilta.

ROMUTUS on spacebook.

Out next: Umpio vs Pink Twins “Aura Tan” tape.

There’s no scene like no scene!