April 2018

Some releases comin up: CD version of “Pantanothing” tape, also “Kolari”-compilation CD with Romutus, tyhjiø, Small Unnecessary Objects, and Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo.

In the meantime here’s this.

To A Nation Of Animal Lovers


SM/DP : Fault-Tolerant System -CD


“SM/DP is electronic contamination music.
A long distance collaboration between Suorsa Marko / Dassum Pentti, two contemporaries of electronic music, who have a similar sense of deconstruction, composition, execution and detail.
Here we have 1% junk noise and 99% computer music, spectrogranular synthesis, modular patch feedback loops, sample scanning manipulations and a variety of processing techniques (GRM Tools, Hourglass, Reaktor, etc etc).
An uncomfortable balance between academic sterility and a fist in a blender.
File under electroacoustic noise and insekt elektronix.”

SM/DP album preview Klik to save

Trankilo -EP on a sweet 3″ mini CD
This is rippin’ junk electronix about worthless animal life and other spiritual weaklings.
Out now on Freak Animal Records.

Romutus is pure energy, as featured on Tajukankaan Kutoja. Kiitos Jiipu!!
Tajukankaan comix a la Romutus

There’s no scene like no scene!