June 2016

All operations grinding to a halt due to renovation work at camp Arkisto!!!!!

Remont 2016

Glass fiber wool for the win!!!

Soon: Umpio vs Pink Twins tape (unsane elektronix) // Daina Dieva CD (dark ambient royalty)

HÄKKI tape out now on Kaukana Väijyy Ambient.  This one was a long time coming.
And Simo Ulvi already posted fotos from the release concert on 27.5.2016 at Vastavirta / Tampere. Yet another Nature Morte happening! We played with Horse Latitudes and The Kolmas.
Tattista kaikille, se olikin henkeäsalpaava ilta.


Out now on NEKOREKORDS: Umpio vs MAAAA (pol) split tape on 1:1 dubbed C-40 chrome tapes. 50 made.
5.-e + shipping. 4 copies left!!

MP3 preview: 0.00–1.30 = MAAAA / 1.31–3.00 = Umpio


Umpio vs MAAAA split tape 2016

Junk crunching!

Akustik junk destruction, mostly. MAAAA material vulturized from “Поджигая Кукковского Петуха” tape. Umpio material from a session without contact mics, but with a foot switch muting/opening one channel of feedbacks.


Out now on NEKOREKORDS: split tape from Todd Barton / Curtis Roads with unreleased new material from both!
1:1 dubbed C-40 chrome tapes + postcards, 150 made. 6e + shipping

MP3 preview: 0.00–1.30 = Barton // 1.31–3.00 = Roads

Prof. Curtis Roads (CA, USA) has influenced tons of people with his explorations in granular synthesis in the 70’s, his books on computer sounds, and with his music, which has shaped, among others, the sound of Autechre. Here we have a very noisy version of a new composition called “Then”, specially driven in the red for this release. Pointillistic and harsh!!

Todd Barton (OR, USA) is a lecturer and flag-carrier for Buchla synths. Tirelessly exploring the possibilities of this infinitely configurable modular beast, we hear 2 long pieces in the spirit of Krell music, that is: linear compositions of outerworldly space contemplations, balancing between controlled chaos and clarity, with a touch of a distant future from a parallel past.

Barton + Roads tape

Elektroakustik Tape Music at it’s finest!!

Finnish postage rates are insane. Thickness over 2cm = “maxiletter”, and cheapest is “economy mail”, which is a bit slower. Tracking nr = 9,30e extra, since it’s registered. So without that it’s like this:
Europe = 6,70 (up to 250 grams = 2 tapes)
Other = 10,30 (up to 250 grams = 2 tapes)
So the only way to get this out there for ca. 3e would be to remove the beautiful white case and send just the cassette + inserts.
Let me know if this option works for you.

Read ’em and weep if you must:

And sorry, no download option for this, cos it would defeat the purpose of this whole operation. If one day a digitized version of this would float around the interwebz, then it’s someone else’s fanaticism.

I am working on a distribution deal for North America, updates will follow. Stay detuned!


Improv weekend lockout canceled due to unexpected shutdown from upper forces coordinating this project. That sucks. We are planning the next one for later.

Out now on Spina! Rec label from St.Petersburg Russia: KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK / UMPIO split C40 tape. This time my pieces are in Elektroakustik spirit.

Voltage Vortex now on BC:

OUT NOW: Umpio / Creation Through Destruction –C40 split tape on Antipatik Records from France!

ROMUTUS on spacebook.

Anytime is a good time for timeless music from Conlon Nancarrow!


There’s no scene like no scene!