September 2018

Dmitry Vasiliev, you brilliant noise genius from Moscow. I will always admire your encyclopedic knowledge about experimental music, obsessively inquiring musical mind and human generosity. You pioneered a crucial fanzine (IEM), created and uploaded almost 300 podcasts, organized tons of gigs, released ca. 60 albums of challenging audio art, and drove a huge mailorder operation………. what an unstoppable fire!! On top of all that you wrote a massive book on Italian underground electronics, with a whopping 5 cd collection included. I’m waiting for the translated version to emerge.

With a gargantuan collection,  you stashed records even on the balcony, and label stock inside the family piano.

High Voltage Music Dude

Monochrome Vision was always one of my favorite labels, and it is a huge honor that you released our album.

Monochrome Vision storage solutions!

And if that’s not cool enough, in 2015 you took my lousy Umpio ass on the road through western Russia, all the way down and out to Sevastopol, along with Fetisch Park and Instinct Primal. The cover of our SM/DP album is from that tripp.

See you on the other side hermano

Kiitos Dima!


Kiitos Ominous & Narcolepsia!

Narcolepsia (Portugal) and Ominous Recordings (Sweden) shake international hands for a proper re-issue of Pantanothing: originally released on tape by the latter in 2017 and not remastered in 2018. This is an album of harsh junks and noisy electronics, with an emphasis on filthy throbbing atmospheres. The first part is more traditional junk bashing and craptacular electronics, while the second is creepy urban electronics with less junk. Pressure of ugly buildings captured with kontakt miks on windows, then refined and assembled into episodes. Recorded and mastered to tape to avoid modern day digi-harshness.

I have a few copies… 10.-e inc. shipping worldwide.


4-way split CD of contemporary noise from Finland.
ROMUTUS = noise grindcore
TYHJIØ = harsh electronix

10.-e inc. shipping worldwide.

Teaser in order of appearance:

In the meantime here’s this.

To A Nation Of Animal Lovers


“Intelligent Design Disasters” -C40 Tape on Collapsed Hole Noise / USA.

From casa de Ahlzagailzehguh

Intelligent Design Disasters is an album of science over religion and superstition. Cold facts and evidence instead of prayers and assumptions of divinity. The storm of electronic information overload in the face of the need for calm insight. All the mindfuck that believers deserve.
Rough electronix and some junks for structure.

All my copies are gone.

SM/DP : Fault-Tolerant System -CD


“SM/DP is electronic contamination music.
A long distance collaboration between Suorsa Marko / Dassum Pentti, two contemporaries of electronic music, who have a similar sense of deconstruction, composition, execution and detail.
Here we have 1% junk noise and 99% computer music, spectrogranular synthesis, modular patch feedback loops, sample scanning manipulations and a variety of processing techniques (GRM Tools, Hourglass, Reaktor, etc etc).
An uncomfortable balance between academic sterility and a fist in a blender.
File under electroacoustic noise and insekt elektronix.”

SM/DP album preview Klik to save

10.-e inc. shipping worldwide

Trankilo -EP on a sweet 3″ mini CD
This is rippin’ junk electronix about worthless animal life and other spiritual weaklings.
Out now on Freak Animal Records.

Romutus is pure energy, as featured on Tajukankaan Kutoja. Kiitos Jiipu!!
Tajukankaan comix a la Romutus

There’s no scene like no scene!